Alexandra Chernyshova – soprano, composer and teacher, awarded the prestigious Reykjanesbayr City Art Prize – a silver statuette of the artist Elizabeth Asberg, for her contribution to the development of musical culture in Reykjanesbayr. Alexandra was born in 1979, grew up in Ukraine and Russia, married and moved to Iceland in 2003, is a citizen of Iceland. In 2002 she graduated with honors from the Odessa Conservatory named after A.V. Nezhdanova in the vocal class of Professor GA Polivanova. Alexandra has been actively involved in the development of Icelandic music culture and, together with her husband Jon R. Hilmarsson, has been managing the cultural and educational company DreamVoices since 2006. Alexandra is very active in the cultural life of Iceland, founded a choir and an opera troupe, conducts intensive concert activities, produces CDs and writes music. In all these projects she collaborates with multifaceted musicians and artists, both domestic and foreign. Alexandra has received many awards for her achievements in the field of music. In 2014, she was included in the top ten outstanding young Icelanders for her contribution to the culture of Iceland. This summer she was in the top ten at the World Folk Vision International Music Competition with the aria Ave María from the opera “The Poet and the Bishop’s Daughter” / Skáldið og Biskupsdóttirin. Last year, Alexandra’s Second Opera and Ballet and the First for Children and Youth from the Icelandic Tales – A Tale of the Northern Lights / Ævintýrið um norðirljósin took second place in an international competition of composers. / Góðan daginn, frú forseti. The opera was written for 12 soloists, two choirs and a symphony orchestra, tells about the life and work of the first woman President in the world – Mrs. Wigdis Finnbogadouttir.