Odessa Conservatory (since 2012 – Odessa National & nbsp; Music Academy named after A. & nbsp; V. & nbsp; Nezhdanova) was established on September 8, 1913. The involvement of prominent music teachers from Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, St. Petersburg and Moscow ensured the rapid development of the Odessa Conservatory.

A sign of European recognition of the Odessa Conservatory was its accession to the & nbsp; Association of European Music Academies and Conservatories & nbsp; in 1999.

Odessa Conservatory has become a real Center for Musical Arts, Culture and Science of Southern Ukraine, a training center for highly qualified musicians, singers, composers, music scientists. 2000 Odessa State Music Academy named after AV Nezhdanova was entered into the register of higher education institutions of Ukraine and Germany – members of the intergovernmental cooperation agreement.

The Academy trains specialists in the specialty “Musical Arts” degrees & nbsp; bachelor , & nbsp; master , & nbsp; postgraduate, doctoral & nbsp; all academic music specialties: performers, musicologists, composers and in the specialty “Culturology” degrees & nbsp; bachelor , & nbsp; master , & nbsp; graduate school . < / p>

In 2003, for significant creative achievements, the staff of the Odessa Music Academy was awarded the Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In 2007, according to the results of the ranking of higher educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation, compiled by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Odessa State Music Academy named after A. & nbsp; V. & nbsp; Nezhdanova took first place among Ukrainian universities of culture, art, painting, sculpture and design.

Foreign citizens from China, France, Ecuador, Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Latvia, Montenegro and other countries received and are receiving higher music education at the Music Academy. 183 people are currently studying.

Since 2000, the professional scientific bulletin “Musical Art and Culture” has been published, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, & nbsp; published in Ukrainian and English in electronic form; since 2003 the quarterly newspaper-magazine ONMA “Musical Herald” has been published; permission was granted to own a publishing house of musical scientific and scientific-methodical literature; master classes and lectures, festivals, creative actions, international scientific and creative conferences, All-Ukrainian youth scientific and creative conferences and conferences dedicated to anniversaries in the history of the academy are held.

Odessa National Academy of Music is included in the scientometric database Google Scholar and in the database “Bibliometrics of Ukrainian Science”. & nbsp; There is an official website, Musicology portal and Information portal of the scientific part of ONMA named after A.V. Nezhdanova, devoted to musicological activity in its national and international dimensions, which systematically presents information about conferences, symposia, publications and scientific and methodological manuals of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the academy. The Academy has implemented a system of prevention and detection of academic plagiarism in scientific and educational works of employees and applicants for higher education. The Unicheck plagiarism check service is used to check diploma, master’s and dissertation theses.

Students undergo internships, and graduates successfully work in the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, the Odessa National Symphony Orchestra, the Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy named after M. Vodyany, the Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after V. Vasylko, Municipal Wind Music Theater, with which cooperation agreements have been signed.

The Academy has its own educational buildings, a dormitory and a training sports and recreation camp “Romance”. 100% of students are provided with dormitory places. All classrooms and most dormitory rooms are equipped with musical instruments.

The Academy also has an educational department, research department, postgraduate and doctoral department, editorial and publishing department, preparatory and correspondence department, opera studio, music library, industrial practice department, specialized student pedagogical practice studio, personnel department, accounting, office, archive , economic department and specialized part, training laboratories, library and other subdivisions, the activity of which is not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine. There is a workshop for repairing musical instruments.

& nbsp; Qualitative provision of the educational process is the main goal of the Academy, and high-quality provision of educational literature of various directions and music editions is the main goal of the A. ONMA Library named after A. & nbsp; V. Nezhdanova. Therefore, the library constantly works with publishing houses of Ukraine (“Musical Ukraine”, “Knowledge”, “Center for Educational Literature” and “Lira-K”) in order to provide the academy with modern music literature and new explorations in the field of art history. The library has developed and maintains databases: abstracts of dissertations, master’s, diploma and dissertation works. Work is underway to fill the library fund with music literature of educational nature, textbooks and periodicals on electronic media, as well as the creation of an electronic catalog of the library (music and books). There is a section “Library” on the official website of ONMA, part of which is the organization of virtual exhibitions using videos dedicated to the great artists of music.

In A. ONMA named after A. & nbsp; V. & nbsp; Nezhdanova developed a single information environment based on information systems and services that provide automation of the main processes of management, educational, scientific and financial and economic activities. A local area network has been built in the dormitory and in the building of the Academy, which allows each student of the Academy to have access to the Internet for educational purposes & nbsp; free .

Today the Odessa National Music Academy named after AV Nezhdanova is an educational and professional center of musical culture of the South of Ukraine, one of the leading Ukrainian and European institutions of higher education, educating highly qualified artistic staff, able to strengthen traditions and increase the authority of national Ukrainian music culture. in the world.