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Odesa city is one of the most important cultural centers of Ukraine, it is located by the Black Sea, it is the largest seaport in Ukraine and a “capital of humor”.

Music is at heart of the city starting with the Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. It is the first opera house built in Ukraine and one of the five most beautiful theaters in the world. Forbes has included the Odesa Opera in the list of the most significant monuments of Eastern Europe. The theater’s repertoire includes more than 80 opera, ballet, children’s performances and concert programs.

Odesa is a perfect place for Summer School, long tradition of classical music and singing, sandy beaches, clubs, discos, and all kinds of entertainment in Arcadia district.


A. V. Nezhdanova Odesa National Academy of Music was founded in 1913 and is the first music higher educational institution in Ukraine. The main activities of the Academy is training students to become highly qualified musicians and specialists from a Bachelor to a PhD degree, training and certification of educators, scientific and pedagogical staff; conducting research, methodical, and creative work.

The areas of teaching and educational processes are: Piano, organ; Orchestral String Instruments; Orchestral wind and percussion instruments; Folk instruments; Singing; Choral conducting; Opera and symphony conducting; Musicology; Composition; Cultural Studies.

A.V. Nezhdanova ONMA works with the world’s leading universities, institutions, organizations and foundations. Academy implements many joint international educational, creative and scientific projects and participates in ERASMUS+ academic exchange program.


Summer School of A.V. Nezhdanova Odesa National  Academy of Music (A.V. Nezhdanova ONMA) is a carefully crafted 12 day program, during which students will be given the opportunity to experience the process and feel of studying at classical Music Academy.

All students will receive individual music and singing lessons every day. This one to one time is part of the incredible amount of individual attention each student receives during their time at ONMA Summer School. Students will also have Ukrainian language lessons and information on applications to ONMA degree and exchange programs.

Throughout this course students will be taught through specialist workshops, regular one-to-ones and group tutorials. The subjects are Singing, Instrument, Solfeggio, Music Theory, Ukrainian language.


Planned excursions, as well as visits to Odesa Opera House and Odesa Philharmonics are included in the program and these expenses are covered.  


Accommodation, meals and evening activities are not part of the program, these expenses should be planned and funds allocated by the student. 


In 2022 Summer School at A.V. Nezhdanova ONMA will be in August 2022.

Applications accepted by 1st May 2022.


Age:  18 years +

Educational level: A Secondary Education Document, a Transcript of Academic Records (obtained grades)

English level: B1 

Recording of the performance

Medical Insurance

Vaccination certificate

Audition video: An audition video is required for entry to this program.

  • Why do you want to come to  A.V. Nezhdanova ONMA?
  • What is your ambition, how do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Do you have musical education?
  • What instrument do you play?
  • What performing experiences have you had, either at school or outside of school?
  • What are your hobbies?

For more information about our Summer School please contact:  tel: +380503334393

Email:  We’d love to welcome you in Summer School at A.V. Nezhdanova ONMA!