A.V.Nezhdanova Odessa National Academy of Music Partner university for ERASMUS+


Academy is registered as: A.V.Nezhdanova Odessa National Academy of Music 

( 65023 Odesa, Ukraine, Novoselskogo street 63)

Our PIC:894922874

Our OID: E10266862

Our Contact person or LEAR is Iryna Cherniaieva, Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical, organizational and educational work and international relations email: vicerector.irina.cherniaieva@gmail.com, tel:+380637358066

Projects Coordinator, Head of the International Cooperation Lab Nataliya Popel email: nataliya.popel@gmail.com , tel: +380 503334393


Erasmus + is the European Union program of international cooperation in the fields of education, youth and sport. The program supports opportunities for learning and academic mobility in and for youth, projects and partnerships, and the development of strategies and collaboration.

Partner Universities for academic Exchange and ERASMUS+