Conditions of entry

Conditions of entry

The VI International Piano Competition in Memory of Emil Gilels will take place in Odessa (Ukraine), from October 20 till 29, 2015.

The competition jury will include well-known musicians from different countries.

Pianists of 16-30 years old (as per the date of the Competition’s opening) coming from any country of the world, are admitted to participate in the Competition.

1.    General regulations

1.1. To become a participant, a pianist must send an application and go through preliminary video selection procedure. Deadline for sending applications –  September 1, 2015 (for deadline, date on the postal stamp will be taken into account).

The application must be sent by email:

The application should be accompanied with:

A) Photocopy of the passport (or birth certificate);

B) A digital photo, which were taken not earlier than 2014. The photo must be sent on email of the music academy (

C) Photocopies of documents confirming winner titles and/or diplomas, received at previous contests (the most considerable for last five years, no more than three competitions);


D) Video (onCD/DVD-R/RW) of the performance according to the repertoire of selection round

  • the video should have a written confirmation of the record company that no cutting or editing has been done to it;
  • the program of the selection round must include two virtuoso etudes from the program of 1Round:
    1. One virtuoso etude (according to choice) by F. Chopin or F. Liszt
    2. One virtuoso etude (according to choice) by S. Rachmaninoff, A. Skriabin, C. Debussy, I. Stravinsky or S. Prokofiev.
  • the Video should have:
    1. An indication of the contestant’s name and last name;
    2. Titles of the compositions (in the sequence of their recording);
    3. Duration;
    4. Date of recording.

The Video must be sent to the address:
The International piano competition
in memory of Emil Gilels
65023, Ukraine, Odessa, Novoselskogo str. 63
Odessa National A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy

1.2. The decision on admission to participation will be based on listening to the obtained Video and reported by the Organizing Committee no later than September 5, 2015. All admitted to participation in the contest will receive an official invitation from the date of arrival at the competition.

1.3 The Organizational committee sent the participants messages which proves the receiving of the applications. The documents sent late or not in a complete set are not  taken into consideration.

1.4.  All the applications are regarded confidentially. The Organizational Committee has the right to ask for additional information from the applicants.

2. Competition procedure

2.1.  No more than 40 applicants will be admitted for participation in the Competition.

2.2. The invitations to the Competition will be mailed to the applicants that have gone throughthe preliminary video selection no later than September 20,2015.

2.3. Each recipient of the invitation should confirm his/her participation and send the travel details (by mail, telegram, fax or e-mail) to the Competition's Directorate by October 1, 2015. The information should include exact date and time of the arrival in Odessa, number of flight / train and carriage. 

2.4. If participants require a foreign passport and visa to Ukraine they need to address the closet Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate for consultations and questions.

2.5. The Competition will include 3 rounds:
Rounds 1 and 2 — solo program;
Round 3 — performance with orchestra's accompaniment. The entire program must be performed by the participants by heart.  

2.6. No more than half of the participants will be admitted for participation in the 2nd round.
Six contestants will be admitted to the 3rd round.

2.7. The order of performances at the Competition is defined by casting of lots prior to the 1st round and will stay as such till the end of the Competition. All the participants are obliged to be present at the meeting that will be held after the casting of lots before the 1st round.

2.8. No changes in the programs sent by the contestants will be permitted.

2.9. The Competition's jury has the right to terminate the performance in case it breaks the time limits

2.10 Arrival of the participants on October, 19-20, 2015.

2.11 Drawing of lots will take place on October, 20, 2015 at 13.00.

2.12 Ceremonial opening of the competition will take place on October, 20, 2015 at 19.00

2.13 Grand awarding Ceremony and the Concert of Winners will take place on October, 31 2015 at 19.00

3. Financial conditions

3.1. To register for the Competition upon arrival, a contestant must present the original birth certificate and pay a non-refundable participation fee in the amount of $100 (Grivna equivalent due to the course of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day). Without the payment of the Competition fee participants will not be able to take part in the Competition.

3.2. In case the participant refuses to take part in the Competition, his/her documents and participation fee will not be returned to him/her.

3.3. The Competition’s Laureates are to perform at the final concert without any payment to them.

3.4. The contestants will receive no payment for either performing at the Competition, or broadcasting of performance or using their records. The Organizing Committee owns the right for audio and video recording of the Competition’s performances, as well as their broadcasting on radio and TV.

3.5. The Organizing Committee is responsible for:

  • Acoustic rehearsals before the 1st and 2nd rounds; rehearsals with the orchestra in the premises of the Competition's halls — for the 3rd round participants;
  • Free accommodation and meals of the 3rd round contestants.

3.6. The Applicants who has signed the Application form takes the Rules of the Competition.      

3.7. Returned fare, accommodation and meals of the participants and accompanying persons are their own expense.

4. Awards

  • Grand Prix $15,000 US, title of Laureate and Gold medal
  • І prize — $7,000 US, title of Laureate and Gold medal
  • II prize — $5,000 US, title of Laureate and Silver medal
  • III prize — $3,000 US, title of Laureate and Bronze medal


  • Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine «Best Ukrainian Pianist».
  • Prize in memory of B. M. Reingbald «For Best Performance of Piano Transcription».
  • Prize in memory of A. M. Bugayevsky — to the youngest participant of the Competition

Depending on the results of the Competition and within the limits of the awards, the jury has the right:

  • Not to award all the prizes;
  • To share the prizes (except for the Grand Prix) among the winners;
  •  To award the participants with special prizes.
    The Organizing Committee, jury, sponsors and other organizations have the right to set up special prizes and awards for the Competition's participants, in case these awards have been authorized by the jury.
  • The Organizing Committee is planning concert tours of the Laureates.
  • Any decision of the jury is final and is no subject to reconsideration.