Financial conditions

3.1. To register for the Competition upon arrival, a contestant must present the original birth certificate and pay a non-refundable participation fee in the amount of $100 (Grivna equivalent due to the course of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day). Without the payment of the Competition fee participants will not be able to take part in the Competition.

3.2. In case the participant refuses to take part in the Competition, his/her documents and participation fee will not be returned to him/her.

3.3. The Competition’s Laureates are to perform at the final concert without any payment to them.

3.4. The contestants will receive no payment for either performing at the Competition, or broadcasting of performance or using their records. The Organizing Committee owns the right for audio and video recording of the Competition’s performances, as well as their broadcasting on radio and TV.

3.5. The Organizing Committee is responsible for:
- Acoustic rehearsals before the 1st and 2nd rounds; rehearsals with the orchestra in the premises of the Competition's halls — for the 3rd round participants;
- Free accommodation and meals of the 3rd round contestants.

3.6. The Applicants who has signed the Application form takes the Rules of the Competition.       

3.7. Returned fare, accommodation and meals of the participants and accompanying persons are their own expense.