Grand prix

$10,000 US, title of Laureate and Gold medal

І prize

$6,000 US, title of Laureate and Gold medal

II prize

$4,000 US, title of Laureate and Silver medal

III prize

$3,000 US, title of Laureate and Bronze medal

Two diplomas

in 500 US dollars

Special awards and prizes

  • Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine «Best Ukrainian Pianist».
  • Prize «Best Performance of the Ukrainian Author's Composition» (specially written for the Competition).
  • Prize in memory of B. M. Reingbald «For Best Performance of Piano Transcription».
  • Prize in memory of A. M. Bugayevsky —«To the youngest participant of the Competition»

Depending on the results of the Competition and within the limits of the awards, the jury has the right:

  • Not to award all the prizes;
  • To share the prizes (except for the Grand Prix) among the winners;

The Organizing Committee, jury, sponsors and other organizations have the right to set up special prizes and awards for the Competition's participants, in case these awards have been authorized by the jury.

The Organizing Committee is planning concert tours of the Laureates.

Any decision of the jury is final and is no subject to reconsideration.